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Today the need for filteration and regulated line pressure are being realized by the industries and research centers more than ever before. A less than optimum method causes frequent shut down, maintenance and several other related difficulties. Compressed air costs money. Total cost of compressed air can be cut by regulating the line pressure to the working pressure.

SAGA Air Filter Regulators are designed for highly efficient filtering and precise control of compressed air pressure. Built very compact to save space, It ensures significant saving in air consumption and uniform equipment performance. Ideal for general purpose in plants and precise applications in Pilot controllers, Air actuated Control Valves, Positioners, Pneumatic instruments etc.

 Max.Inlet Pressure  250 Psi
 Outlet Range  0-30, 0-60, 0-100, 0-150 Psi
 End connections  1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4",1" NPT(F)/BSP(F)
 Filter  5, 10, 15, 25, 50 Microns
 Bowl capacity  130 cc (Approx)
 Weight  750 Grams (Approx)
 Temperature  Upto 80°C
 Body  Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
 (Optional- stainless steel)
 Diaphragm  Nylon Impregnated Neoprene
 Oring  Neoprene(Optional-Viton)
 Valve Spring  Stainless Steel
 Main Valve  Neoprene moulded on Stainless steel
 Drain Cock  Stainless Steel
 SFR 10  0-100 Psi  1/4"
 SFR 13  0-30 Psi  1/4"
 SFR 15  0-150 Psi  1/4"
 SFR 16  0- 60 Psi  1/4"
 SFR 20  0-100 Psi  1/2"
 SFR 25  0-150 Psi  1/2"
 SFR 30  0-100 Psi  3/4"
 SFR 35  0-150 Psi  3/4"
 SFR 40  0-100 Psi  1"
 SFR 45  0-150 Psi  1"
 SFR 85  0-150 Psi  3/8"

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