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SAGA Air Lockup Device holds the Air in locked condition when the supply Air pressure (Air pressure connected to signal Port) falls below the set value, thereby keeping the Control valve in stay-put condition. Saga Air Lockup Devices are built very compact to save space.



 Max Inlet Pressure  250 Psi
 Cut off Range  5-30, 5-60, 5-100 Psi
 End connections  1/4" NPT(F) / BSP(F)
 Weight  750 Grams (Approx)
 Temperature  Upto 80°C
 Body  Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
 Diaphragm  Nylon Impregnated Neoprene
 Range Spring  Spring Steel
 Valve  Brass
 Valve Seat  Neoprene
 SAL 10  5-100 Psi  1/4"
 SAL 13  5-30 Psi  1/4"
 SAL 16  5-60 psi  1/4"

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